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At Star 3D Printing, we encourage Australian schools to provide best 3d printers for education to as many students as possible so that our students have access to the latest technology the world has to offer. We educate and motivate all 3D printing enthusiasts to follow their dreams and provide the best 3d printer for schools. Just a decade back, 3D printers were heavy and expensive machines. They were only known and available to select groups of experts who built and used them. In case you want to buy, it is important to understand the difference between 3D printers to choose the right type of printer model.

3D printers are available in a wide variety of models each of which has features suitable for a particular need. To understand what would suit your needs read on.

What Is Your Purpose?

Are you a hobbyist or an architect or a sculptor? Which model suits you would depend on why you are buying a 3D printer. The optimal 3D printer depends on the intended use. Consumers and schools will want a model that is easy to install and use, requires little maintenance and has a fairly good print quality. Fans and artists may need special features such as the ability to print objects of various colors or use multiple types of fibers. Designers and other professionals will want a very high resolution. Stores involved in short-term production will need a large creative area to print multiple objects at once. People wishing to show 3D printing to their friends or customers will need an elegant and reliable machine.

What Is The Size Of The Printed Objects?

Make sure that the area in which you create the 3D printer is large enough for the type of objects you want to print. The construction area is the size, measured a length, width and height of the largest object that can be printed with a certain printer. Theoretically, it can be a little less if the construction platform is not exactly on the same level. Usual 3D printers have construction surfaces of approximately 6 to 9 square inches, but can vary from a few inches to more than two feet apart and are not necessarily square.

What Is The Resolution Needed?

Almost all 3D printers currently sold can print with a resolution of 200 microns, which should produce good quality or better prints, and many of them can print at 100 microns, which generally provides good quality prints. Some can print at an even higher resolution, up to 20 microns, but you may have to leave the set resolution and switch to non-standard settings to allow a resolution of fewer than 100 microns.

The higher resolution has its price because a premium has to be paid for printers with resolutions higher than 100 microns. Another disadvantage of increasing the resolution is that it can increase the printing time. Half of the resolution will double the time needed to print the object.

Do You Want To Print Using Colors?

Few 3D printers with more than one extruder can print objects in multiple colors. The most common are the models with a double extruder, each extruder has a different color of fibers.

Do You Want Closed Frame Printer?

3D printers with a closed frame have a closed structure with doors, walls and a cover, while models with an open frame do not. The advantage of the open frame design is that it provides easy visibility of the current print job and easy access to the printing bed and the extruder. The closed frame model is safer, avoiding the accidental contact of the hot extruder.

What Type Of Build Platform?

The importance of the printing surface known as the build may not be obvious to beginners in 3D printing. A high-quality platform allows the object to stick to it during printing but allows easy removal at the end of printing. The usually the platform is a heated glass shelf covered with tape or something similar. Printed objects adhere well to the equipment and are easily removed after completion.

How Is The 3D Printer Connected?

For most 3D printers, printing is made from a computer through a USB connection. Some printers have their own internal memory. That is an advantage because they can store the print job in memory and continue printing even if the USB cable or the computer fails or shuts down. Some offer wireless connectivity, usually a direct connection between peers, not Wi-Fi. The disadvantage of wireless technology is that the transfer of files can take much longer than a USB connection.

Several new 3D printers have SD card slots, from which you can obtain a print of 3D object files using the printer and screen controls, and many of them have ports for USB keys.

Required Software Needed For 3D Printing?

The current 3D printers are delivered with software on disk or to download. All of them run on Windows OS and, in at times, some models can also work with OS X and Linux. Till recently, 3D printing software consisted of a bundle of different software each with a specific task. Buy the cheap 3d printer Australia for better printing experience.